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How One Sub Sandwich Chain Raised $8M for 180 Charities

Today on Cause Talk Radio, Megan and Joe talk to Dave Altmann, Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Jersey Mike’s, a sub sandwich franchise with 1,500 stores open and under development nationwide.

In March 2015, Jersey Mike’s celebrated its 5th Annual Month of Giving, a national fundraising campaign, raising more than $3 million for 180 local charities. Since the program started five years ago, Jersey Mike’s and its generous customers have raised more than $8 million. They’ll be adding to this number next month!

On the show, Megan, Dave and Joe discuss:

  • How Mike’s started their Month of Giving Program. Giving back is built into the company’s culture and from its founding.
  • How the month of giving peaks with a Day of Giving when ALL the dollars from all sales go to charity. This generates more than 50 percent of the dollars raised in March.
  • How customers can support the program either via an ask at the register or a donation box.
  • How friendly competitions between stores keeps motivation high!
  • How Mike’s corporate office guides new franchisees through the Month of Giving program and choosing a charity.
  • How Mike’s deals with store owners who want to support controversial causes.
  • How much does cause contribute to the success of Jersey Mike’s.
  • How Mike’s uses cause marketing to find the right franchisee partners. If they don’t support giving back, they may not make a good partner.
  • How charity partners participate in the program.
  • How Mike’s educates a large group of franchise owners about the Month of Giving.
  • How Mike’s uses incentives with franchise owners and customers to boost involvement.

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