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A New Report Reveals How Checkout Charity Can Continue to Thrive

Today on Cause Talk Radio, Megan and Joe talk to Brittany Hill, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Catalist, an agency focused on providing corporate partnership professionals tangible and sustainable tools to meet their fundraising goals.

Megan, Brittany and Joe discuss Catalist’s recent report,Revelations at the Register: A Look Into Sector Specific Consumer Giving Preferences at the Register.

On the show, they cover:

  • How Catalist defines “Checkout Charity.” What does it include?
  • What were the goals of the study?
  • How checkout charity drives customer loyalty.
  • What consumers want after they donate at the register. Is a simple thank you enough?
  • While two-thirds of respondents said they’ve given at the register, one-third had not. How can this group be engaged?
  • The importance of brand recognition at the register. What should you do if your nonprofit brand isn’t well known?
  • Consumer feelings on donating through PIN pads. Do consumers prefer to be asked verbally or electronically – or both?
  • How much do consumers want to donate at the register? Why haven’t round-up programs taken off?
  • Are paper pinups on life support? Do consumers still like to see them hanging in stores? What will become of Joe’s reputation as the “Pinup King”?
  • Brittany shares what she thought was the most interesting finding of the study.

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