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Starbucks Launches New Cause Content Platform Upstanders

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and Joe talk to Russell Sparkman, CEO of FusionSpark Media, about Upstanders, a new purpose-driven web series from Starbucks. The goal of the initiative is to tell real stories of humanity as a reminder that ordinary citizens can create extraordinary impact by refusing to be bystanders. Russ is the perfect person to speak to on this content initiative! He and his firm are leaders in purpose-focused non-fiction storytelling.

On the show, Megan, Russell and Joe discuss:

  • The work of FusionSpark Media. How long have they been at the intersection of purpose and content marketing?
  • Russell’s thoughts on Content Marketing World this year where he delivered a presentation on purpose-driven content marketing. The force of purpose was strong at this year’s conference!
  • What were the key takeaways from CMW? How will these lessons influence the creation of cause-content?
  • Is Upstanders cause marketing? Is it better than Race Together?
  • Russell: “The path to engagement is paved with purpose.”
  • What can small businesses and nonprofits learn fromUpstanders? What’s the takeaway for an organization that has the desire but not the unlimited budget and resources?
  • How could nonprofits “Causejack” Upstanders?
  • How Starbucks is determined to create a movement around Upstanders. Movement-building campaigns are critical to brands.

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