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Habitat Launches First Cause Marketing Platform, ‘Home is the Key’

Today on Cause Talk Radio Megan and Joe talk to Colleen Ridenhour, Senior Vice President Resource Development for Habitat for Humanity International, and Tracy Cioffi, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Sur La Table, about Habitat’s new cause marketing platform, Home is the Key.

On the show, Megan, Colleen, Tracy and Joe discuss:

  • After 40 years, Habitat for Humanity is launching its first signature campaign, Home is the Key. Why now?
  • What can stakeholders expect to see when the platform launches in April?
  • How Sur La Table got involved with Habitat.
  • What are the biggest myths surrounding Habitat? Do they really give away homes? Habitat is so successful, do they really need the money?
  • What’s happening in Sur La Table stores in April to support Home is the Key? 
  • How Sur La Table educated their employees on Habitat and prepared them for their first national cause marketing program. They’ve got Habitatitis!
  • How Habitat engages volunteers beyond building homes. Habitat is very active after disasters.
  • How Sur La Table is rebranding itself with its support of Habitat and communicating that new brand to customers.
  • What Sur La Table looks for in a charity partner, and what it hopes to gain from cause marketing.
  • What have Sur La Table and Habitat learned in their rollout of Home is the Key? 

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