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Creating “Capitanes Del Futuro” With P&G And Hispanic Star

Proctor & Gamble, together with Hispanic Star, Major League Soccer, TelevisaUnivision, and other stakeholders, launched Capitanes del Futuro. This multi-year program leverages the Hispanic community’s passion for soccer to help prepare the next generation of Latino leaders. It’s the culmination of 4 years of work between P&G and Hispanic Star.

The immersive Capitanes del Futuro program provides middle and high school students free access to role models, resources, tools, scholarships and mentorship to help them overcome the structural barriers the Hispanic community faces along the pathway to higher education and career opportunities.

In today’s episode, EFG’s Alli Murphy is joined by Jeronimo Escudero, Proctor & Gamble’s Senior Brand Director, and Claudia Romo Edelman, Founder of Global GoalsCast, Hispanic Star and We Are All Human, to talk about this incredible program.

For each MLS player on the field, there are 10-15 people behind the scenes, representing exciting career opportunities across media, production, marketing, health and more. The program’s objective is four-fold:

  1. Get more Hispanics to enroll in and finish college
  2. Help them obtain higher-paying and more satisfying jobs
  3. Leverage the soccer ecosystem to identify youth who show leadership potential and help them prepare for, get into and graduate from college
  4. Increase representation of Hispanics in the soccer industry and Corporate America

The program keeps kids off the streets where they are most likely to be lured away from school. It also reinforces the importance of Hispanic values and engages and educates parents as crucial allies in helping their children access a college degree.

In today’s episode, we’ll explore:

  • How this program ties into Procter & Gamble’s business goals & CSR work and why it’s important to the business
  • What the data and inspiration was for developing this program
  • How phase one went and what’s in store for phase two of Capitanes del Futuro
  • What Claudia & Jeronimo learned along the way
  • Jeronimo’s advice for authentically reaching diverse audiences
  • Claudia’s advice for building culturally relevant social impact campaigns
  • Their framework of action and program strategy
  • How to think about intersection points in partnership development
  • How Hispanic Star is working to unite the Hispanic community Why Hispanic progress is a win-win-win

And with that, let’s get started!

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