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ESG Predictions And Trends for 2021

Dave Stangis has a long history in the CSR and ESG space, having led CSR at both Campbell and Intel. He’s out on his own now as a consultant and joins this episode of Cause Talk Radio to talk about his predictions for 2021 and the social impact trends he’s been seeing in clients large and small.

Megan and Dave discuss how purpose is becoming mainstream (and what it’ll take to stay there), why the C-suite is suddenly sitting up and paying attention to this space (and how to keep that momentum going) and what Dave expects to see more of in 2021.

Tune in to hear much, much more from one of the smartest minds in the CSR/ESG space!

Mentioned Links

  • (00:00) – Welcome to Cause Talk Radio
  • (01:16) – Introducing Dave Stangis
  • (10:40) – Change v Fad and Building Resilience
  • (14:37) – Support Cause Talk Radio • Become a Cause Crusader!
  • (15:43) – Justice and Equity
  • (18:55) – Counseling Execs on Social Media
  • (23:30) – What did we lose in 2020?
  • (26:22) – Predictions for 2021

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