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Virtual Events Done Right with ReElivate

Given the year we’ve all had, none of us are strangers to virtual events but we’ve probably ALL been on some that we wish we hadn’t bothered with.

Megan’s guest today is Jon Conelias, CEO of ReElivate, a new company that offers unique, customizable virtual engagements.

Jon and Megan discuss WHY he started ReElivate and what he’s learned in designing unique, virtual experiences that you can learn from. They talk about the future of events and how hybrid models will likely replace traditional in-person events and how to capitalize on that trend, plus so much more!

Links & Notes

  • (00:00) – Welcome to Cause Talk Radio
  • (00:32) – Introducing Jonathan Conelias and ReElivate
  • (02:25) – What is ReElivate
  • (07:35) – Where virtual events go wrong
  • (09:50) – Support: Become a Cause Crusader
  • (10:38) – Engagement Events
  • (15:35) – Connecting Corporately
  • (17:20) – The Future: Hybrid Events

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