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How Yoobi and Verizon Are Bridging The Offline-Online Gap For Kids In Need with Ido Leffler

Ido Leffler is a serial social entrepreneur and has been co-founder of companies including Brandless, Yes To Inc. and most, recently…Yoobi – a school supplies company that gives back.

In this episode, Megan chats with Ido about an innovative partnership with Verizon that is helping provide both connectivity access as well as school supplies to kids that need them most right now, especially since so many kids are still learning from home due to the pandemic.

Ido shares the silver linings about the pandemic for him personally and professionally and even gives us a sneak peak into what’s coming up for Yoobi in 2021.

Links & Notes

  • (00:00) – Welcome to Cause Talk Radio
  • (00:26) – Introducing Ido Leffler and Yoobi
  • (01:04) – Become a Cause Crusader • Support This Show!
  • (01:37) – About Yoobi
  • (04:39) – The 2020 Pivot
  • (07:04) – Verizon
  • (11:08) – The online-offline challenge
  • (13:44) – 2020 Silver Linings?
  • (17:57) – Yoobi’s 2021
  • (19:30) – Learn More

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