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Subaru, NPCA Tell Visitors, ‘Don’t Feed The Landfills’ (Halo Winner)

We’re back with another special edition of Cause Talk Radio in which we feature a deep dive conversation with one of this year’s Halo Award winners.

This episode features the Silver winner for the Sustainability category, an initiative called Don’t Feed the Landfills with partners Subaru and the National Parks Conservation Association.

Megan is joined today by Denise Coogan, Environmental Partnership Manager for Subaru and Karen Hevel-Mingo, Senior Manager of Sustainability and Climate Change for the National Parks Conservation Association.

Our national parks are our country’s crown jewels but their 330 million annual visitors leave behind more than 70 million pounds of waste. In this episode, they discuss how Subaru and NPCA teamed up to run this pilot program in 3 national parks to help develop, test, monitor and refine approaches to waste reduction tailored to each park’s unique circumstance.

Denise, Karen and Megan discuss how this partnership began, how Subaru’s deep expertise in waste reduction informed activities of this partnership, how they communicated these steps to parks-goers and employees and what the results were from this incredible effort.

Links & Notes

  • (00:00) – Welcome to Cause Talk Radio
  • (00:21) – Sponsor: Submittable
  • (00:48) – Introducing Don’t Feed the Landfills with Subaru and the National Parks Conservation Association
  • (11:08) – Sponsor: Inclusivity and Bias Reduction with Submittable
  • (12:27) – Talking Trash with Anyone who Listens

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