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“The truth rots in there.”

What have you been up to? Seen any good movies lately? It’s not always easy to find them, but “Theater at Home” releases are available and more titles are being announced all the time. The Film Board will continue to gather its thugs and spoil them for you as we find them out there in the streaming universe until we can all get back and see our beloved big screens. “Capone” was released to most major streaming services on May 12th. It stars Tom Hardy in another one of his signature transformation roles alongside Linda Cardellini, Matt Dillon, and Kyle McLachlan.

Pete, Steve, and JJ will zoom together to sort out the whats and the whys in this depiction of the gangster’s last days. It’s not an organized crime movie, but it definitely addresses the trappings of a crime lord’s lifestyle and the potential lasting human consequences. Check out this episode as we give a spoiler-laden jaunt through the addled mind of Alphonse Capone. So many people have been captivated by his life in crime for years after his death in 1947. This film examines a part of life that is rarely discussed, and Capone’s is unique. Unravel it all with us on The Film Board!

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