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Q & A on Addressing Speech & Language Goals with Cooking with Becca Eisenberg

October 2, 2015

Don’t miss this Q&A! Becca and I have a great little chat about promoting independence, using high-, low-, and no-tech AAC when cooking, and how great it is when your kids can make their own food.

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10 Ways to Incorporate Speech-Language Goals into Mealtime with Becca Eisenberg

August 14, 2015

Join Gravity Bread’s Becca Eisenberg for this fun podcast all about how to use cooking and eating to address communication goals for children of all ages and abilities.

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Admins Connect: Bob Stewart of Gladstone School District

June 1, 2015

This month we talk to Bob Stewart, Superintendent of the Gladstone School District in Gladstone, OR. He is a Past President of the Confederation of Oregon School Administrators and it was a pleasure speaking with him. Also, full disclosure, I am a sitting school board member in Gladstone, so I know Bob personally.

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Admins Connect: John Carver of Howard-Winneshiek Community School District

March 2, 2015

This month we talk to John Carver, Superintendent of the Howard-Winneshiek Community School District in Northeast Iowa and participant in the first-ever National Connected Superintendents Summit at the White House in November 2014.

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Q & A with Heidi Peters on Connecting Assessment to Results in IEP Goals

February 25, 2015

Once you’ve listened to Heidi’s formal talk, take a listen to our little conversation about our unique window on the wide world of IEP goals and how I don’t know the difference between The Pottery Barn Rule and the Girl Scout motto.

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Connecting Assessment Results to IEP Goals with Heidi Peters, MA, CCC-SLP

February 25, 2015

Join Heidi Peters, MA, CCC-SLP as she shares guidelines and tips to help you improve what you’ve been doing so that you can easily write great goals that are measurable, realistic, and functional for your students.

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Admins Connect: Dallas Myers from Fremont County School District #25

February 4, 2015

This month we talk to Dallas Myers, Director of Student Services for Fremont County School District #25 in Riverton, Wyoming.

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Q & A with Kimberly Wilkerson on Your Time in the LifeSkills Classroom

January 28, 2015

Kimberly was also gracious enough to hang out after her podcast to chat with me a little bit more about this fun population.

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Making the Most of Your Time in the LifeSkills Classroom with Kimberly Wilkerson

January 27, 2015

Join Kimberly Wilkerson as she shares guidelines and tips for navigating the multiple facets of serving kids and collaborating with staff in Life Skills classrooms.

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Admins Connect: Eric Richards from Salem-Keizer School District

January 5, 2015

This month we talk to Eric Richards, Student Services Coordinator within Salem-Keizer School District, Salem, Oregon. Eric has worked in education for years at both the district and state level within the department of education in Oregon. He is a close partner of The Hello Foundation due to his tremendous commitment to do the very best possible for students with special needs.

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