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Fueling DEI in Your Organization with Karen Wallace

In the rich tapestry of today’s workforce, the threads of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are not just woven in; they’re becoming the very fabric of organizational culture. It’s a bold experiment that promises to reshape the corporate landscape, but what does it really take to dye these threads into the cloth of our companies? 

Imagine a workplace where the mosaic of its people’s backgrounds isn’t just celebrated on special occasions but is the cornerstone of every policy, every team, every decision. We’re venturing beyond the buzzwords and diving into the marrow of what DEI truly means for the heartbeat of a company. 

In the wake of seismic shifts such as the latest Supreme Court decisions, we’ll probe into the tectonic impacts on recruitment, internships, and mentorships—confront the myths and misconceptions that cloud the DEI landscape—as we bring the truth into sharp relief.

And who better to guide us on this exploration than Karen Wallace, Executive Vice President of Economic Inclusion at AIM? Karen stands at the vanguard of championing inclusive growth and understanding the economic imperatives of DEI and she sits down to share her perspectives with Pete Wright this week.

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