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Peering into HR’s Crystal Ball: 2024 and Beyond

What should HR professionals be thinking about from a compliance/best practice standpoint for 2024? 

In the fast-paced world of HR, juggling today’s challenges while anticipating tomorrow’s trends is crucial. This week, we cut through the noise, offering a blend of expert predictions and actionable insights. Kyle Pardo and Tom Jones join Pete Wright to tackle everything from the intricacies of current compliance issues, such as FLSA and leave laws, to the emerging trends of AI, skills-based hiring, and the transformative power of mindful leadership. 

What should HR pros be thinking about for 2024? It’s all about getting equipped with the foresight to navigate the complexities of the HR landscape. Stay informed, stay prepared, and shape the future of your HR practice with us. 

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Each week we will showcase a bite-size conversation dedicated to helping you get your arms around another HR challenge. The people on this show have decades of experience, and this is our chance to share that knowledge with you.

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