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The Big 3: The Top Categories of Calls to the HR Helpline

Ever wonder what the most common questions HR professionals grapple with are? In this episode Pete sits down with AIM HR Solutions team members, Tom Jones and Terry Cook, who bring their expertise to the forefront on pressing HR issues. The discussion is centered around the popular topics we often hear about on our helpline.

We navigate topics like understanding Massachusetts’s PFMLA and its implications for employers, including how to handle leave requests and navigate adverse actions. Discover effective strategies for managing layoffs while exploring alternatives like the Work Share program. Plus, unravel the complexities of drug testing in the workplace, especially in the era of legalized marijuana.

Each week we will showcase a bite-size conversation dedicated to helping you get your arms around another HR challenge. The people on this show have decades of experience, and this is our chance to share that knowledge with you.

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