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Streamline your Digital Life with Pete Wright

Do you ever wish your digital life would just synchronize itself?

I mean, it seems conceivable, right? That technology could self-organize to your benefit? You could just sit back and watch it all happen, tweaking now and again.

Well, hang on to your mousepads because…wait for it…it can. And that’s what we’re delving into in this episode. It’s a web service called IFTTT (If This, Then That, rhymes with “Gift”) that enables you to create ‘recipes’ linking one platform (channel) to another.

Sound confusing? Yeah, I thought so too until Rash Pixel’s Pete Wright (and this show’s producer) explained in a bit more detail with a few examples. Here are some simple ‘recipes’, to give you an idea:

If my daughter posts a photo to Instagram, send me an email.
Get emails for new posts from my Craigslist search
Mute my phone ringer at bedtime
Text my husband when I leave work

Thankfully Pete is an amazing teacher and walks us through the ins and outs of IFTTT. Give a listen. 

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