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Get Rid of the Calendar Game Time Suck with Calendly

How many hours each week do you spend playing the calendar game over email trying to coordinate a simple phone call or in-person meeting?

If your answer, like mine, is “a lot!”, then keep reading. This minisode is for YOU.

I’ve been on the hunt for a web-based tool that will essentially schedule my meetings for me. I’ve finally found it in Calendly. This Google-calendar-based online scheduler provides you with a link to share with others that displays only the times you tell it to, based on some general parameters as well as you existing calendar appointments.

This tool is literally saving me HOURS each week. I did this minisode to explain all about it.

Tune in by clicking the player bar above or on iTunes?

And let me know how you like Calendly once you give it a shot! I’m @meganstrand on Twitter.

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