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Hacks to Organize, Manage and Enjoy Your Photos with Photojojo’s Laurel Sittig

A few weeks ago I took to my Facebook page to ask what projects you knew you SHOULD be tackling but you just didn’t know where to start. One neglected project mentioned repeatedly had to do with photos…“organizing all my photos” or “sorting/printing pictures” and “creating yearly memory books for my kids.”  And BOY can I relate.

So today, I’m calling in an expert. Laurel Sittig is Editorial Manager for Photojojo, a blog and online store for photography gear and cool photo ideas. Laurel walks us through:

  • Why we’re all so overwhelmed by our photos
  • The “lazy” tools to use to organize (and share) your photos
  • Ways to back up your photos (even if the internet disappears)
  • Fun things to DO with your photos, like massive engineer prints, photo pinatas and sunglass photo frames 
  • Products that will help you be a better phone photographer

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