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Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em: Simple Appliance Maintenance You’re Probably Not Doing But Should Be

How much time do you spend thinking about your home appliances?

Probably zero until you’re faced with a leaky fridge or dryer that’s no longer drying your clothing. And then it’s a minor emergency because the truth is, we depend on these appliances for modern day living.

Did you know your major appliances should last 10 years or more?

The key to long happy lives for your appliances is to maintain them. Angie’s List’s Cheryl Reed joins Megan in today’s episode to share some very simple ways to extend the life of these lovable hunks of metal.

They walk through your home room by room, from kitchen to laundry room to bathroom sharing simple tips to keep everything from your dryer to your garbage disposal running smoothly. You’ll learn at least one new tip that could save you money and add years to the life of your appliances.

Learn all of these tips plus the Angie’s List Rule of $5,000 and how to determine whether it’s better to buy a new appliance or repair the one you have.

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