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Marvel Movie Minute Season Five • Captain America: The First Avenger • Minute 51

CATFA 051: Was That Scott Lang’s First Job?

Minute Fifty-One: From A Punch in Chicago to A Quiet Response

Joining us on the show today, we have Movies by Minutes regulars Travis Bow and Robin Burdge!

In the fifty-first minute of Joe Johnston’s 2011 film Captain America: The First Avenger

We talk about the Menken/Zippel song some more and discuss descants and the genius word-smithing of things like ‘napped in America’ to rhyme with ‘Captain America.’ Steve gets his own comic book and movie series, and we talk about those as well. The comics, in particular, give us a lot to discuss – the joy of kids reading them, the changes to the cover, the time it came out, the ad on the back.

We do find Steve in the movie theatre watching himself in the movie. Does no one recognize him? And how great would it have been to have a callback to our Loud Jerk? But Steve’s so popular that he’s regularly signing autographs, including for one beautiful fan. Could she be Peter Quill’s grandmother? Why is that moment so emphasized?

We love the grand finale to the show, and the transition to Italy is perfect.

Plus, we have a deleted scene showing Bucky, Dum Dum, and Gabe fighting Nazis then getting caught by Hydra.

We promise, you won’t be able to get ‘Star-Spangled Man’ out of your heads. Tune in!

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Film Sundries

We could do this all week.

Andy Nelson and Pete Wright pick up the Infinity Saga Phase I mantle with Captain America: The First Avenger one patriotic minute at a time. 

Andy Nelson


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