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Marvel Movie Minute Season Five • Captain America: The First Avenger • Minute 96

CATFA 096: Schmidt’s Employee of the Month Award

Minute 96: From Doing This All Day to Howling Blasts

Joining us, we have Nate “Bubbawheat” Withrow from the superhero movie blog Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights and the time loop podcast It’s Time to Rewind!

In the ninety-sixth minute of Joe Johnston’s 2011 film Captain America: The First Avenger

Steve’s just here as a decoy. Why go to all the trouble and not just invade though? We talk a lot about the plans, but spend more time talking about the possible elevation of Hydra’s base, Schmidt’s office lab, and the runway in the mountain. Lots of questions, like why does it seem like it’s spring at the base of the mountain but deep winter at the tops? We also talk about the elevators that must be inside the base so people can easily get up and down. But they’ve gotta be ridiculously long rides. There’s also thought about why the Howling Commandos only send three on the ziplines, and then we try figuring out where Jones and Morita went and how Dernier ended up with Dum Dum and Falsworth.

Clearly, there are lots of questions, but that allows for so much fun debate. Tune in!

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Film Sundries

We could do this all week.

Andy Nelson and Pete Wright pick up the Infinity Saga Phase I mantle with Captain America: The First Avenger one patriotic minute at a time.

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