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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 52: How rom-com is this drive?

Thor 052: How Rom-Com Is This Drive?

Minute Fifty-Two: From ‘Anything Like This’ to Einstein-Rosen Bridge

Joining us today to discuss the Rom-Com ride is Scott Carelli, founder of Dueling Genre Podcast Network and host of Franchisography.Scott Carelli

In the fifty-second minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • This is very much the Rom-Com moment of the film. We have a sweet, quiet conversation between these two characters talking in a car. And it goes on for over a minute! How great is that!
  • The Rom-Com nature certainly speaks to how quickly this couple has to connect. How well does it work may be up to the viewer, but it mostly works for us.
  • There’s a bit of a sense of the fish-out-of-water element ending as Thor gets closer to Mjølnir.
  • We have yet another example of Jane not being a great driver. They really have pushed to make her the worst driver in the MCU.
  • But it also checks several Rom-Com boxes – the clumsy but smart scientist and steering off the road because of being starry-eyed over the passenger.
  • We talk about the romance relationship in the MCU and try to come up with any examples that are as romantic as this pair is in this film.
  • Perhaps the closest is Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter in the next movie Captain America: The First Avenger.
  • Patty Jenkins wanted to add more romance when she was discussing directing Thor: The Dark World. It’s a shame we didn’t get it.

We have questions about SHIELD’s plan here. Clearly not part of the rom-com.

  • Why didn’t SHIELD just block the road off at the highway entrance? Clearly, it’s just a need by the writers.
  • Back to the people in the car, why doesn’t Thor just tell Jane who he is?
  • How does Thor know she’s seeing a bridge? Is it just that he knows she’s looking for how he got here?
  • To that end, when you are very far advanced science, what words do you use to explain it?
  • Her excitement about an Einstein-Rosen Bridge is adorable, but Thor’s comment about a Rainbow bridge is one of the best lines in the movie. Even if we only get half of it here.
  • Portman and Hemsworth play so well opposite each other.

It’s a cute conversation with a cute couple as they drive across the desert, and we’re here to talk about all of it. Tune in!

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