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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 53: How does the Odinsleep work?

Thor 053: How Does the Odinsleep Work?

Minute Fifty-Three: From Hope for Sanity to Hope for Thor

Joining us today to discuss Jane and Thor continuing their drive under the New Mexico sunset and Loki and Frigga talking about Odin and Loki’s parentage while Odin’s in the Odinsleep is Scott Carelli, founder of Dueling Genre Podcast Network and host of Franchisography.Scott Carelli

In the fifty-third minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Jane really hopes Thor isn’t crazy when he says “More like a rainbow bridge.” Is it because she really wants him? Or because he’s her only shot to get her research back? Or a little bit of both?
  • What would her future intentions be with Thor? Bringing him in front of the board to discuss where he came from?
  • We enjoy how much Jane keeps pulling back to her science. She doesn’t feel like she can’t exist unless he’s in love with her.
  • With all of that, though, how long does it take to drive from Puente Antiguo to Mjølnir’s impact site? It’s fifty miles to the west and there are dirt roads, but shouldn’t it be a bit over an hour? Why is the sun already going down?

We return to Asgard and find Odin in the Odinsleep in his bed.

  • Loki and Frigga watch Odin while he sleeps. It’s a beautiful still shot that almost looks like a painting. Or more aptly a pane in a comic book!
  • We love the golden force field glow over Odin but what does it represent? Is it the Odinforce? Is it prayers from his believers?
  • We love the dutch angles here, no matter what other people say. Fie on thee, naysayers!
  • Bo Welch’s production design is impressive here. It’s great that he worked to build a lot of these sets so the actors had space in which to work and perform.
  • When Loki says he never gets used to seeing Odin in the Odinsleep, when would that have happened? If he’s in the Odinsleep, who rules Asgard if not Thor or Loki? Is there a regent? Perhaps it happened when they boys were young?
  • The Odinsleep is frustrating and feels like a plot device used to just get Odin out of the film as long as the story requires.
  • Frigga doesn’t realize that Loki may have been who pushed Odin into his state here. Would the guards have talked?
  • So what is Loki thinking in this scene? He covers quite a bit of emotions as he talks to Frigga.
  • Again, Tom Hiddleston plays him so well in these sorts of scenes.
  • The moment when Frigga tells Loki that Thor may be back and Odin works in mysterious ways says so much.
  • There are so many interesting angles Loki plays here.
  • What did Odin say to Frigga about bringing this baby back from Jotunheim?

We look at the extended version of this scene while Odin stays in the Odinsleep.

  • We really can tell that Huggin and Munnin, Odin’s ravens, are here while the Odinsleep continues.

Jane and Thor go off in search of Mjølnir while Loki and Frigga talk about Odin and parentage. Lots to discuss! Tune in!

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