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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 54: How long where Jane and Thor driving?

Thor 054: How Long Were Jane and Thor Driving?

Minute Fifty-Four: From Odin’s Purpose to Thor’s Response

Joining us today to discuss Loki’s reaction to Frigga’s comment about Odin’s purpose, as well as Jane and Thor starting to figure their plans out at the SHIELD Crater Base is Scott Carelli, founder of Dueling Genre Podcast Network and host of Franchisography.Scott Carelli

In the fifty-fourth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

We have a final bit of Loki & Frigga in Odin’s chamber discussing Odin’s purpose in banishing Thor, as well an extended/deleted scene to discuss.

  • It seems like Odin’s purpose was to intentionally ban Thor to Midgard to make him a better person. Loki doesn’t seem happy about any of this.
  • We discuss the deleted/extended scene here in Odin’s chambers. The conversation is longer and covers the same points so we don’t need it, but it’s nice.
  • They certainly make the Odinsleep seem more like a coma though. Is that what we’re meant to see it as?
  • We debate about the Einherjar essentially crowning Loki as king. It’s a great scene but does it fit with the rest of the films as they exist now?
  • How does this play into the earlier scene when Loki was on the throne?
  • They clearly aren’t using the story about Gungnir only being usable by Odin here in the MCU as they are in the comics.
  • Loki feels less scheme-y in this deleted scene. He actually seems like he might be a good leader. Except for that last look.
  • Again, it really seems clear that Thor would’ve been a terrible leader. We’ve seen Party Thor in What If…? after all.

We return to find Jane and Thor arriving at the SHIELD Crater Base.

  • We find some interesting moments of symmetry we have found in the film.
  • SHIELD’s set-up here sadly looks like a hamster cage. It feels like something from Agents of SHIELD.
  • Sure, it seems like something that could be assembled quickly, but for what purpose? Couldn’t they just walk around? And why is the area over Mjølnir under open sky?
  • We try to delineate between the SHIELD agents, techies, and scientists.
  • Does Thor know when he hears thunder that he’s close to Mjølnir? Or is it because he’s the god of thunder?
  • Jane doesn’t buy into Thor’s promises like the Warriors Three and Sif bought into him earlier. It plays well.
  • What was Jane thinking would happen when she got here?

Loki’s rankled about Odin’s purpose, and Thor’s cocky about his plans to escape from the SHIELD Crater base. So much to discuss! Tune in!

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