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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 61: Is the Watcher watching Heimdall watching Thor?

Thor 061: Is the Watcher Watching Heimdall Watching Thor?

Minute Sixty-One: From the triquetra fading to Erik raging

Joining us on the show as Heimdall gazes upon Thor as he’s arrested while Jane and Erik fight about it are seasons 2 & 3 hosts Kyle Olson & Rob Kubasko!

In the sixty-first minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Before we dig into this minute, we reveal that we figured out who played Huge SHIELD Agent in last week’s fight. It’s Jamal Duff! We talk through his work both in the NFL, the MCU, and what he’s known for on IMDb.

Thor gets taken away by SHIELD agents. Heimdall gazes upon Thor.

  • The triquetra disappears. Does Thor now know what this is all about?
  • Has Thor completely given up? He doesn’t have any more fight in him, that’s for sure.
  • The script had a moment from Jane who starts running in to save him but who turns back after hearing guard dogs coming her way and seeing searchlights looking for her. We’re fine with this not being shown. Plus, it allows the moment last week when she hears him scream to be the last thing she takes away from here.
  • What we do see instead is a beautiful shot of Heimdall’s eye with a reflection of the SHIELD Crater Base in it. Heimdall gazes upon Thor, unable to do anything.
  • To that end, we debate if Heimdall should have lowered his head as he does in the script or if by not doing that, he’s acknowledging that all of this is what Thor needs to become a better king.

Meanwhile, back in Puente Antiguo…

  • Jane and Erik argue about Thor having been arrested. How do they know he’s been arrested? All Jane knows is that Thor screamed to the heavens. Last thing she actually saw of him was him running in. It feels like script machinations to have them assume he’s been arrested.
  • Darcy points out both Mjølnir in the book Erik apparently checked out from the library and Loki. We have a great time reacting to the write-ups for these.
  • But wait… does that mean Erik got himself a Puente Antiguo library card after he realized Jane took off without him?
  • Jane and Erik argue about science versus magic. Jane seems right here. Erik seems to have really closed himself off to any possibilities of the unknown as soon as he connected all of this to myths from his childhood.

Thor gets taken by SHIELD agents, Jane and Erik fight about it, and Heimdall gazes upon them. Lots to discuss with Kyle & Rob! Tune in!

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