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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 062: Why isn't Thor in cuffs?

Thor 062: Why Isn’t Thor in Cuffs?

Minute Sixty-Two: From Arthur C. Clarke to South Africa

Jane and Erik debate while Agent Coulson interrogates Thor, and Kyle Olson and Rob Kubasko from seasons two and three are here for all of it!

In the sixty-second minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Erik continues pressing Jane about science.
  • Jane presses right back about Arthur C. Clarke, but does she quote him correctly? Turns out most people don’t!
  • They each have great points but again, it feels like Erik has shut off his scientific mind simply because of the nature of the myths Thor represents to him and his childhood.
  • It’s Darcy, though, who pops in with some surprising smarts that surprises both Jane and Erik, and ends their conversation.
  • Once again, we have yet further proof about how many laughs there are in this film. Sure, Darcy’s at the heart of many of them, but Natalie Portman certainly holds her own here.

We return to the SHIELD Crater Base where Agent Coulson interrogates Thor in the holding cell.

  • Yeah, so apparently the holding cell is yet another room they trucked in as a part of this quick-assembly job at the crater.
  • We start in the Command Center where we can see Agent Sitwell and Techie, but there are so many other SHIELD agents here who we just can’t identify. It’s frustrating.
  • To that end, while we’re in the Command Center, we can see that they’re still monitoring the hammer and it’s still glowing in the monitors. So why is it no longer causing electromagnetic interference?
  • Agent Coulson interrogates Thor. Is there a reason he’s approaching the interrogation as if Thor is from Earth? Does he know Thor’s from space and is just toying with him? Or does he really not know yet?
  • Thor remains not just tight-lipped through this interrogation but also does everything he can to avoid Coulson’s eyes. He’s very sullen here.
  • But why isn’t he in cuffs or tied up in some capacity? Is Coulson that trusting of him?

Agent Coulson interrogates Thor but not before Darcy drops some smarts on Erik’s and Jane’s debate. Tune in!

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