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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 063: Who planted the fart joke?

Thor 063: Who Planted the Fart Joke?

Minute Sixty-Three: From a Probing Coulson to a Dead Odin

Joining us to discuss Coulson’s continuing probing of Thor when Loki shows up, Loki’s dark message, Thor’s reaction, and a fart joke are once again Kyle Olson and Rob Kubasko from seasons two and three!

In the sixty-third minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Coulson’s having a very one-sided conversation. Thor gives him nothing.
  • That being said, Thor does react when Coulson asks him who he is. Still, it’s just a look. No speaking.
  • In the script, however, Thor did reply, “Just a man.” Wow. We’re all glad they kept that out.
  • But is Thor’s look a reaction to Coulson? Or perhaps just to his place at rock bottom?
  • Chris Hemsworth performs so well through this sequence. He really carries this moment. So much more weight than his silliness we’ve had earlier.
  • What’s interesting is that in the script, Coulson brings up Hydra. Why was that cut? We have our theories…
  • Before Loki shows up, Coulson gets a text. He pulls it out in the coolest way possible, then he has to step out.
  • But who calls him? Is it Fury? Or is Loki involved in some way? The script – which isn’t canon – certainly leads us down one path.

And this is where Loki shows up.

  • What a slick way to have Loki appear.
  • But before Loki show up, we actually see a report about methane hanging up outside the sliding glass door. Is this here as a fart joke? Possibly the first and only fart joke in the MCU?
  • Back to Loki – Thor sees him and reacts. Do people in the command center see Thor by himself? Is he talking to no one? Obviously, Loki’s invisible.
  • So if he’s invisible to everyone on Midgard, why is he in Midgardian garb?
  • To that end, did you know that the scarf is the one thing Tom Hiddleston kept from this shoot?
  • Wow, Loki brings dark fake news for Thor. He clearly works his machinations through this conversation.
  • And with that, we’ll be talking about this conversation for a few episodes.

It’s fart jokes, Coulson’s in-and-out as Loki shows up, and Loki’s bad news, all with Kyle and Rob in the guest chairs. Tune in!

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