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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 064: Why is Loki in the fancy Midgardian duds?

Thor 064: Why Is Loki in the Fancy Midgardian Duds?

Minute Sixty-Four: From Blame to Apology

Joining us to dig into Loki’s lies – aka everything Loki says to Thor, and everything Loki means – are Rob Kubasko and Kyle Olson from MMM seasons 2 & 3!

In the sixty-fourth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • We’ve got so much to break down with Loki’s lies throughout this minute.
  • While we do, the music that plays is called Loki Lies.
  • Too bad Loki doesn’t have anyone to talk with about what he’s done.
  • We take each sentence Loki says to Thor and discuss what he’s actually saying.
  • All of this is really Loki twisting the knife that he stuck in last minute.
  • Loki’s great at putting things out there that gets things put into people’s heads.
  • But should Thor know better about his brother by now?
  • So Loki brings up Odin and tells Thor Odin wouldn’t acknowledge Thor’s love.
  • He brings up Frigga and tells him she doesn’t want him to come home.
  • Truly, he’s just the meanest.
  • “The burden of the throne has fallen to me now.” So he’s even blaming Thor for him having to carry the weight of the throne? Again, he’s the worst.
  • Tom Hiddleston plays each sentence in such unique ways. Kudos to both him and Branagh for directing him this way.

Thor finally speaks.

  • Now that he knows Loki is king, Thor asks (kinda begs) Loki to come home. But Loki once again has excuses. Ouch.
  • Loki’s lies really make him seem like he’s the only one who will deal with Thor at this point and those lies hurt Thor.
  • It’s all gaslighting. Loki’s lies push Thor to a place where he feels he’s actually responsible.
  • It comes across even meaner now that he knows he’s also the Jotun prince.
  • Again, though, the big question we debate is if Thor should know better when things like this come from Loki.
  • We certainly feel like it’s Thor’s blind spot.

It’s a juicy minute of Loki’s lies as he lays into Thor with all the reasons he can’t come home. Tune in!

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