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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 065: How blind is Thor to Loki's gaslighting?

Thor 065: How Blind Is Thor to Loki’s Gaslighting?

Minute Sixty-Five: From Gaslight Success to Hammer Fail

Joining us sadly for the last time to discuss Thor’s apology to Loki due to Loki’s gaslighting tactics and Loki’s failed attempt at picking up Mjølnir are Kyle Olson and Rob Kubasko from Marvel Movie Minute seasons 2 & 3!

In the sixty-fifth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Loki’s gaslighting has pushed Thor to a place where he is the one who apologizes to Loki. Wow, that’s dark.
  • What we read from Thor here is again how genuine he is.
  • He’s been so broken that this is the point where he can start rebuilding himself.
  • Thor’s “thank you for coming here” is really the turn for Thor. But again, it’s also a sign he’s been taken by Loki’s gaslighting. Victims look at themselves as the problem.
  • That tear on Thor’s cheek leads us to a Waterworld reference.
  • Loki’s turn to leave and closeup shows us that he does not smirk. Is this because the door is mirrored and he doesn’t want Thor to see him smirk? Or is it because he knows that there’s a glimmer that Thor could still make his way back?
  • To be honest, though, a smirk would’ve made the moment worse.
  • Is it possible this moment is what plants the seeds for how Loki gets us to the Loki TV show?
  • Would anyone have thought that Odin actually died and Loki is actually telling the truth here? The Odinsleep isn’t that clear after all.
  • How does Loki actually leave?
  • Thor’s goodbye feels like he’s really saying goodbye to his life in Asgard.

After Loki’s gaslighting, Coulson finally returns.

  • So did Loki actually control Coulson or is his return here coincidental?
  • Again, what would Coulson see before coming in?
  • And back to Loki’s outfit, why is he wearing this?

Meanwhile, Loki heads straight to Mjølnir.

  • What have the SHIELD agents and scientists been doing since nabbing Thor? There clearly has been quite a bit of work in here since he was trying to pick up his hammer.
  • Great hand shot of Loki’s hand as he gets ready to try picking it up.
  • Did we need Loki trying with two hands?
  • Is Heimdall watching Loki?

It’s a week of Loki’s gaslighting success, Coulson’s return, and Loki’s failed attempt at picking up Mjølnir, all while Rob and Kyle chat with us about it. Tune in!

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