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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 66: Why doesn't Jane come with Erik to help free Thor?

Thor 066: Why Doesn’t Jane Come With Erik to Help Free Thor?

Minute Sixty-Six: From Loki Leaving to Erik Lying

Joining us to discuss Loki’s departure from Midgard and Erik’s struggle to convincingly lie to Agent Coulson to free Thor is Bryon Lockhart, host of the Marine Corps Movie Minute and Co-Host of the Marvel Events Timeline Podcasts.

Bryon Lockheart

In the sixty-sixth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Loki looks up at the sky. Is he imagining he’s looking at Odin or Heimdall? And how interesting that this is a moment Branagh doesn’t cut to a god’s eye view shot for this moment.
  • It’s interesting that they opt to just have Loki walk out of the shot instead of showing him depart in some magical way. We debate if it works or if we’d rather see him using one of his back doors.
  • Did Loki really hope he could pick up the hammer? Or was it just for fun on the off chance he could have lifted it?

Agent Coulson watches Erik lying through his teeth to free Thor, but does he believe it?

  • Before that, Agent Sitwell moves into the room to talk to Coulson, and he goes from dark to light. Is there a chance they were already thinking about him being a HYDRA agent at this point? It sure feels that way.
  • The SHIELD Crater Base is currently under repair, and was that the 1st Assistant Director we hear call “Set”?
  • Sitwell lets Coulson know he has a visitor, and it’s Erik. Why is it Erik who comes? Why not Jane? Or both of them?
  • Perhaps Erik worries that Jane is too hot-headed.
  • Did Jane have Donald Blake’s driver’s license lying around with his clothes when they broke up? Or did Darcy whip up this whole license?
  • How funny that the New York driver’s license actually has Excelsior on it. Is that why they went with it?
  • Coulson clearly doesn’t actually believe Erik lying, but seems to know he can use the situation to get more information out by following them.
  • Erik lying about steroids is hilarious, but his comedic bit about ‘Donald’ being upset about SHIELD’s jackbooted thugs is great and really shows his feelings about SHIELD.
  • Matthew takes a deep dive on the address on Donald’s address. It’s a kooky rabbit hole he went down.
  • The photo of Thor on the driver’s license? It’s the photo Darcy took of him in Isabela’s Diner.

It’s a comedic minute watching Erik try to spin lies to Agent Coulson so that they’ll release Thor, and Bryon Lockheart’s here for it all. Tune in!

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