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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 67: Just how bad is Erik at lying?

Thor 067: Just How Bad Is Erik at Lying?

Minute Sixty-Seven: From Erik Paltering to Thor Reflecting

Bryon Lockheart

Joining us to discuss more of Erik lying, his ‘escape’ with Thor, Thor taking Jane’s notebook, and the trip to the bar is Bryon Lockhart, host of the Marine Corps Movie Minute and Co-Host of the Marvel Events Timeline Podcasts.

In the sixty-seventh minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Erik pivots and pivots again with his lies. Stellan Skarsgård carries the humor here and delivers.
  • It’s clear to us that Agent Coulson doesn’t buy into Erik’s lies at all. Does Erik believe it works? Or does he know Coulson’s playing him?
  • We find it so interesting that Coulson’s role was written to be Nick Fury in the film. This makes so much more sense to us to have Coulson here.
  • But should Coulson have let Erik walk through their command center to the holding cell? What about all the sensitive information everywhere?
  • Erik’s lines to Thor are hilarious. “Donnie, Donnie, Donnie…”
  • Does Coulson see Thor take Jane’s journal? What about the Agent literally standing right in front of Thor facing him? They have to have intended for Thor to take it to Jane so they can let her continue her work while now watching her.
  • The bar joke makes us laugh. Did you know they filmed this in a strip club? Does that matter?

Erik takes Thor to the bar for a drink… and a talk.

  • Foo Fighters “Walking” plays as Erik and Thor drink and talk. The music video is a spin on Joel Schumaker’s Michael Douglas movie Falling Down. The only connection we can find is they sing “Learning to walk again” which seems to fit with Thor’s place in the world now.
  • Thor’s hair looks terrible here in the bar. But we like Thor’s introspective moment.
  • It’s impossible to identify any of the background actors here unfortunately.
  • And we talk about product placement versus just getting a release. Film talk!

Erik lies, Coulson follows, Thor reflects, and Bryon Lockheart’s here for all of it. Tune in!

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