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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 75

Thor 075: What Grade Did Thor Get in Asgardian Art Class?

Minute Seventy-Five: From Thor’s Motivation to Thor’s Art

Joining us to discuss the handing over of the journal and Thor’s art attempt at drawing Yggdrasil is Bubbawheat from the Flights, Tights and Movie Nights podcast.

Bubbawheat – Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights podcast

In the seventy-fifth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • We really focus on Jane here as she and Thor talk. He’s such a cheerleader for her, and we totally believe it.
  • She’s really at her lowest here, so it’s amazing to see how he turns her around.
  • This is where the whole science/magic conversation happens. It’s interesting because magic still seems to exist on Asgard. Perhaps, they know what Midgardians view as magic is actually science, but on Asgard, there is still something magical, even beyond that?
  • Or perhaps Loki’s magic is some form of hacking he does with their advanced science?
  • Why does Jane have what ends up being Thor’s Yggdrasil in her journal? It doesn’t look like our solar system. What was she working on?
  • And how does Yggdrasil work? Are we meant to believe it’s a metaphor? Or some weird space thing?
  • How do the Nine Realms work? We spend some time going through all nine of the Realms and trying to figure out exactly how it works, as compared to how they work in Norse myth versus the comics.
  • We also discuss a few other areas that are sometimes incorporated into the Realms.
  • Why are the Frost Giants from Jotunheim when it sounds like Niflheim – a planet of primordial ice – would be more natural for them?
  • Again, Andy is really not impressed by Thor’s art efforts here.

How does Thor know about the Hubble Telescope?

  • Bubbawheat brings some great research about Icelandic and Norse accents and how they’d actually be pronounced. They’re very interesting.
  • We go into pronunciation because of how Thor says ‘Hubble Telescope.’ Is it just a fish out of water joke? Or is there some other joke with language? It wasn’t scripted, so perhaps it’s a joke they came up on set.
  • Maybe it’s how Australians say it. (Just kidding.)
  • We dig into the Hubble Telescope a bit as far as it’s history, and point out where you can look online to see images from the Hubble Telescope.

It’s been a week of romance by the fire, and now Thor’s drawing some funky tree. It’s our last chat with Bubbawheat. Tune in!

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