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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 85

Thor 085: How Is Volstagg Still Alive?

Minute Eighty-Five: From The Last Stand in Puente Antiguo to Sif’s Fallen Shield

Joining us to discuss how everyone’s doing against the Destroyer and what Thor decides to do are Robin Burdge from Karate Kid Minute and Travis Bow from Reel Comic Heroes.

Robin Burdge

In the eighty-fifth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • The Destroyer certainly lives up to its name in this minute as it tears the town of Puente Antiguo apart, blowing the street and cars up as it tries to destroy Thor, Sif, and the Warriors Three.
  • We really feel the change in Thor here, telling Sif to fight to live instead of dying so others can tell her story.
  • And of course he also tells everyone they have to go back to Asgard to stop Loki while he holds the Destroyer back. But how is he going to do that?
  • And how are they going to get back to Asgard? If they had, in a What If…? type of scenario, could they have beaten him? Or would they also have ended up frozen statues on the rainbow bridge?
  • After we saw Volstagg blown out the back windows of Isabela’s Diner smoldering, how is he still alive?
  • He doesn’t even have any singes or burns. Seriously fast healing those golden apples provide.
Travis Bow
  • There’s a deleted scene involving Erik nearly dying from a shard of glass that impales him. Thor heals him with healing stones that Hogun brought. We certainly have lots of thoughts about this bit and are glad it’s gone.
  • Chris Hemsworth shines in these minutes. He carries the weight of his character and what he has to do well.
  • But what’s up with his eyes? Why does it look like he’s wearing black contacts sometimes?
  • And Sif’s shield when he drops it? Why does it look so fake?

It’s the last minute for Robin and Travis to pipe in about the Destroyer and how it’s kicking everyone’s butts. Tune in!

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