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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 86

Thor 086: Does Loki See What the Destroyer Sees?

Minute Eighty-Six: From Thor’s Decisive Walk to the Standoff

Joining us to discuss Thor’s decision, his conversation with Loki, how the Destroyer works, and more is Father David Mowry, Chaplain of the Movies by Minute community.

Father David Mowry

In the eighty-sixth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • It’s Thor’s big showdown with the Destroyer, and in some capacity, his brother.
  • But how does the connection through the Destroyer work? Is Loki hearing and seeing in his mind? It’s never clearly conveyed in the film as it is in the comics.
  • There’s a fantastic long lens shot as Thor walks toward the Destroyer with his Asgardian and Midgardian friends behind him in the distance. It’s a great shot to show their connection but also to isolate him.
  • Thor begins his confrontation not with fists but with words. He speaks softly and kindly. This is definitely not the Thor we’ve seen before!
  • We talk a lot about the words Thor uses and how he approaches his brother. It shows a lot of growth.
  • To that end, just the fact that he’s chosen to face the Destroyer alone shows that Thor knows he is likely sacrificing himself here. It’s quite powerful.
  • Just like back in our Iron Man season, Father Mowry brings his Christ and the Cape! In this episode, it’s the anthropology of the four types of love Thor encounters in this film.

It’s a powerful minute with Thor confronting his brother. Through a magical suit of armor. Or something. Father David Mowry joins us. Tune in!

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