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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 87

Thor 087: Why Does Loki Backhand Thor Instead of Incinerating Him?

Minute Eighty-Seven: From Thor Offering His Life to Thor’s Dying Breath

Joining us to discuss this heavy minute of Thor facing the Destroyer and it killing him is Father David Mowry, Chaplain of the Movies by Minute community.

Father David Mowry

In the eighty-seventh minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Thor finishes his plea to Loki through the Destroyer. We still aren’t sure how the tech works there but… c’est la vie.
  • Thor gives a small smile at the end as he sees the Destroyer turn as if to leave. Does he think he’s won? Does he know what’s coming?
  • Loki uses the Destroyer to backhand Thor. Ouch! That’s intense. We discuss how it would’ve been so much worse on The Boys, but still… it’s horrifically painful to watch.
  • We also discuss why Loki possibly backhands Thor instead of using the Destroyer’s incinerator-face to burn Thor to a crisp.
  • Loki turns to leave. Well, he turns the Destroyer to leave. Or something. So we assume Thor did win through to Loki and that Loki’s intentions here are to kill Thor then leave everyone else alive.
  • Jane runs in slow motion toward Thor’s broken body. Does slow motion have any effect on us after Zack Snyder used it so often?
  • Thor speaks his last thoughts to Jane. It’s touching, and his words show he’s a changed man. No longer is this the cocky, arrogant Thor we saw at the beginning. This is a new Thor who sacrifices himself to protect Jane, his friends, and the people of Puente Antiguo. It’s a powerful moment.
  • But then Thor dies! Wait… he’s not supposed to die, is he?
  • Father Mowry has another round of Christ and the Cape for us today!

It’s a minute full of painful backhands, last thoughts, and dying breaths, and Father David Mowry’s here for all of it. Tune in!

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