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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 88

Thor 088: Just How Far Can Odin See While in the Odinsleep?

Minute Eighty-Eight: From Sad Faces to a Flying Hammer

Joining us to discuss the loss of Thor, his sad friends, Odin’s spell, and the reaction in the SHIELD Crater Base to Mjølnir’s change in attitude is Father David Mowry, Chaplain of the Movies by Minute community.

Father David Mowry

In the eighty-eighth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • We get various shots of Thor’s friends, all mourning his death. Each of them carry weight as to the lives he’s touched, but is it Darcy that we find the most moving?
  • It’s interesting – and likely intentional – that no one on Midgard sheds a tear for Thor.
  • That’s because there’s one very prominent tear that gets shed in this minute for Thor, and it’s Odin. But how does Odin know what’s been going on on Midgard?
  • In the script, one of Odin’s ravens had been watching so presumably Odin used his raven-cam to see his son sacrifice himself. Did we need that?
  • We feel that it plays well (and into the magical bond) to not have Odin’s connection explained.
  • Clearly, Odin approves of the change his arrogant son has made, sacrificing himself for the good of the realm, because his triquetra reappears on the side of Mjølnir.
  • The SHIELD scientists have no idea what’s happening or why. To that end, we do touch on some of the gear they’re using.
  • And Mjølnir takes flight. How nice of Odin to think ahead to have it fly up and over toward Thor instead of directly across the surface because it likely would take out SHIELD agents, buildings, horses, and more along its way.
  • Father Mowry brings more Christ and the Cape this minute!

It’s a sad minute, but Odin’s spell is in action and Mjølnir’s flying so happiness must be on its way! Father David Mowry joins us. Tune in!

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