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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 89

Thor 089: Is This the Best Minute of the Movie?

Minute Eighty-Nine: From Heartbroken Jane to Confused Destroyer

Joining us for the most thrilling minute in the movie as Thor is resurrected to fight the Destroyer is a guy who knows a few things about resurrections, Father David Mowry, Chaplain of the Movies by Minute community.

Father David Mowry

In the eighty-ninth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • It’s a big minute!
  • Mjølnir rips across the sky like a missile. It even breaks the sound barrier as we see the sonic boom.
  • So is this why Erik runs to pull Jane away? Does he – and perhaps everyone else – think that SHIELD launched a missile on the town to destroy the Destroyer? It sure looks that way.
  • It’s powerful to see how Thor’s arm and hand react to the approaching Mjølnir, reaching up to grab it even though his body remains lifeless on the ground.
  • It’s also cool to see the lightning strike, essentially acting as a defibrillator for Thor, bringing him back to life. The shot of his face certainly looks like that’s what’s happening.
  • Does Loki sense Thor’s return or does the Destroyer? Why does Loki turn back right then?
  • Not only is is cool seeing the silhouette of Thor standing, hammer raised, in the lightning, but it says a lot that his back is to the Destroyer.
  • The symmetry between Loki backhanding Thor with the Destroyer then Thor backhanding the Destroyer with Mjølnir works well for us.
  • Everyone’s reactions are priceless, but it’s hard to not see that Sif clearly was expecting this all along. Jaimie Alexander’s reaction here plays so well.
  • Erik clearly is coming to terms with his childhood myths actually being real.
  • But Jane’s “Oh… my… god…” reaction is the one we really talk about because, well, it’s cheeky and works.
  • Father David Mowry has more Christ and the Cape to discuss in this minute too!

It’s a powerful minute as Thor returns in full garb as the god of thunder, and Father David’s got a lot to say. Tune in!

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