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Marvel Movie Minute Season Four: Thor • Minute 90

Thor 090: How Great Is Thor’s Return?

Minute Ninety: From a God’s Storm to An Agent’s Interruption

Joining us to discuss Thor taking down the Destroyer (along with some funky rules when it comes to fire), Thor’s return to his friends, Jane’s reaction, and Agent Coulson popping in just in the nick of time is Father David Mowry, Chaplain of the Movies by Minute community.

Father David Mowry

In the ninetieth minute of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor

  • Thor creates some sort of tornado by spinning his hammer around really quickly, which also keeps him aloft and somehow sucks the Destroyer into the air. Doesn’t seem like physics work here correctly, but… okay. We’ll go along with it.
  • And speaking of physics not working, the Destroyer blasts at Thor three times. The first two times, Thor bats the blast away with his hammer. That really doesn’t make sense, but again… okay. We’ll go along with it.
  • (But even the Destroyer’s head gets hit to the side as if Thor’s striking it, not the fire blast. It really makes no sense.)
  • How does Thor keep himself afloat when he’s swinging his hammer at the fire blasts? Wouldn’t he plummet?
  • Is this actually helping by moving the battle away from the town or making it worse with cars flung all over the place?
  • Thor essentially uses his hammer as a cork and plugs the Destroyer’s head, stopping that third blast of fire. And it kind of explodes? Or at least breaks down.
  • The shot of it exploding from a very wide shot of the town has horribly rendered CG buildings and looks terrible. Luckily, it’s on screen for only the briefest of moments.
  • Honestly, all of this is easy to forgive because we’re here to see Thor walk with an adult swagger out of the smoke. Thor’s return here in his full glory is such a great moment.
  • Jane’s reaction to his outfit is great.
  • But seriously, it’s that comedic moment right at the end of this minute when we hear Agent Coulson piping in from off screen. So funny!
  • Father Mowry talks a bit about the story of the prodigal son in today’s Christ and the Cape segment.

It’s the showdown in Puente Antiguo, and Thor comes out on top! Father David joins us sadly for the last time. Tune in!

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