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Actor Patrick Fabian on The Man Who Would Be King • Movies We Like • Season 5 Episode 8

Actor Patrick Fabian on The Man Who Would Be King

Talking About John Huston’s The Man Who Would Be King with our guest, actor Patrick Fabian

In this engaging episode of Movies We Like, hosts Andy Nelson and Pete Wright are joined by special guest Patrick Fabian to discuss John Huston’s epic adventure film, The Man Who Would Be King. Fabian, known for his roles in numerous TV shows and films, including his standout performance as Howard Hamlin in Better Call Saul, shares his passion for this classic movie and how it inspired him to pursue a career in acting.

Throughout the episode, Fabian delves into his early days as an aspiring actor, from his time as a band president in high school to his decision to pursue a master’s degree in theater at Cal State Long Beach. He also shares anecdotes about his experiences working on various television shows and the valuable lessons he learned along the way, such as the importance of persistence and adaptability in the face of rejection.

As the conversation turns to The Man Who Would Be King, Fabian expresses his admiration for the film’s sense of adventure, the strong bond between the lead characters, and the captivating performances by Sean Connery and Michael Caine. The hosts and guest explore the movie’s themes, its representation of colonialism, and the enduring appeal of its grand storytelling.

The Man Who Would Be King is a timeless adventure that continues to enthrall audiences with its sweeping narrative, unforgettable performances, and exotic locales. Andy Nelson, Pete Wright, and Patrick Fabian’s engaging discussion about the film and Fabian’s fascinating career journey make this episode of Movies We Like a must-listen for fans of classic cinema and those interested in the world of acting. Join them as they celebrate the enduring power of storytelling and the indelible impact that a single film can have on one’s life and career.

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