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Re-Recording Mixer Andy Nelson on Local Hero

Movies We Like is an ongoing series of ours in which we invite an industry guest to join us and bring along one of their favorite movies to talk about. In this month’s episode, one of the many Andy Nelsons in the film world — specifically Andy Nelson the re-recording mixer — joins us to talk about one of his favorite films, Bill Forsyth’s 1983 film Local Hero.

We talk about why the film resonates to this day and why the film is such a wonderful celebration of the little things, the details that make life so memorable. We chat about the cast and what they bring to the table, notably Peter Riegert and Burt Lancaster. We ponder the webbed feet of Jenny Seagrove and are presented with an new thought – what if it’s only how the character of Oldsen sees them? We look at the final moments of the film and why it breaks our hearts so much. We talk about Mark Knopfler’s wonderful score and why it hits so well for us. We debate the title and ponder who specifically is the eponymous character. And, of course, we chat with Nelson about his career and what specifically a re-recording mixer does.

It’s a magical little film that warms our hearts and provides for a wonderful conversation. Check it out then tune in! The Next Reel. When the movie ends, our conversation begins.

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