2017-08-05 – Saturday Matinée

Happy Saturday, movie lovers. We’re trying something new today! If you’ve ever found yourself looking for even more talk about trailers, and budgets, and random things we’ve seen, we’re going to try and answer that call with this new Saturday show just for you. We rolled the dice this morning, just Pete and Andy, but we’re looking forward to a rotating circus of contributors to make your Saturday mornings more complete.

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This week on the show, did “Death Wish” need a remake? Plus, the surprise that is “The Emoji Movie” as it landed the number two spot when it opened last week; “Atomic Blonde” is the latest graphic novel adaptation hitting the big screen at number four; all thousand of Valerian’s planets are tanking, and more on the budget rundown. Plus, tying into this week’s series, top good-guys-turned-bad on the big screen and small!

Trailer Picks

Loving Vincent

Death Wish