2017-08-19 • Saturday Matinée

Happy weekend everyone! The Eclipse Cometh; turns out Logan Lucky is better than it’s box office would suggest this weekend according to our own Once and Future King Steve Sarmento; Andy just finished reading Ready Player One so we can finally dig into the trailer, and Pete’s talking about Peter Dinklage’s new Brainstorm/Strange Days mash-up, Rememory; and this week on The List we’re celebrating Star Trek: The Search for Spock with our selection of favorite sci-fi reincarnations!

Casey Neistat’s Review of Ready Player One

Pete’s List

  1. Neo — The Matrix
  2. Ripley — Alien3–4
  3. Bill Cage — Edge of Tomorrow

Andy’s List  

  1. ET — E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial 
  2. Lois Lane — Superman: The Motion Picture
  3. Professor X — X-Men: The Last Stand