2017-11-04 • Saturday Matinée

Thor: Ragnarok dominates the box office this weekend kicking off what might just be a return to holiday profit splendor. Andy and Steven haven’t seen it yet. But they’ve got great trailers, with a Red Band Rule, and a list of stamp movies that will surprise you… because it turns out there are good movies about stamps, and you didn’t know it. 


Movies about stamps, ideally part of the plot, but at least should be “pointed out."

Andy’s List

  1. Charade (–1)
  2. Heart and Souls (+1)
  3. Brewster’s Millions (+1)

Steve’s List

  1. Charade (+1)
  2. Brewster’s Millions (–1)
  3. The Shop Around the Corner (+1)

Next Week’s List: Movie weddings!