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2017-11-11 • Saturday Matinée

Andy saw Thor: Ragnarok and we both love it, so there. But what about those M-16s? Too much of a change from the fantasy violence? Asgard’s in your heart, baby. Kevin Spacey is in way more movies than you ever knew, but he’s been facially replaced in all of them. We’ve got some terrific trailers, and hope for an actor by the name of Streep Hanks. Or maybe a wrestler. A wrestler might be better. 


Movies with weddings in them!

Pete’s List

  1. The Graduate
  2. Wedding Crashers
  3. The Princess Bride

Andy’s List

  1. Kill Bill: Vol. 2
  2. Jerry Maguire
  3. The Little Mermaid

Next Week’s List:

Best Cold-Case Movies!

A fine Saturday Morning to you.

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