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2018-02-17 • Saturday Matinée

Andy’s making drinks. Make sure to see Black Panther on the biggest screen you can for the credits. We’ve got trailers that good enough to be templates for iMovie… which means exactly what you think… and a list of movies made in the not-1920s!


Movies set in the 1920s, but not shot in the 1920s!

Andy’s List

  1. Singing in the Rain
  2. Some Like it Hot
  3. Chicago

Steve’s List

  1. Changeling 
  2. Enchanted April
  3. Cat’s Meow

Pete’s List

  1. The Cider House Rules
  2. Chaplin
  3. Midnight in Paris

Next Week’s List:

Young person aspiring to greatest on stage or screen (not including Woody Allen movies, except for Pete, who has to do exactly the opposite)

  • (00:00) – Welcome to the Saturday Matinée
  • (00:18) – Andy’s Production Drinks
  • (01:06) – Steve saw Phantom Thread
  • (03:26) – Black Panther Preamble
  • (05:46) – Trailers
  • (22:16) – The Dean Devlin Shared Cinematic Universe
  • (23:04) – Lists!

A fine Saturday Morning to you.

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