2018-05-26 • Saturday Matinée

We don’t talk about Dead Pool or Solo this week because Pete’s behind. But we do talk about prequels and horror and good parenting and Sweden and profanity and this tweet from Roman Mars:

“I’m developing a thesis: Fandom can be so creatively constricting and nostalgia is so pernicious, that studios make prequels because moving a story forward is threatening to fans who want their stories to stay frozen.”Roman Mars via Twitter


Movies with an unnamed main character!

Andy’s List

  1. That Thing You Do!
  2. Rebecca
  3. High Plains Drifter

Steve’s List

  1. Desperado
  2. They Live
  3. Layer Cake

Pete’s List

  1. Withnail & I
  2. The Seven Year Itch
  3. Zombieland