2018-11-03 • Saturday Matinée

Following up to last week’s cancellation chat around “Iron Fist” … turns out “Luke Cage” got pummeled by Netflix, too. Nick sends word of Filmstruck’s crazy response to people who like movies who aren’t in the United States … and predictably, it sucks. So, you should check out Kanopy, which _is_available outside the US, but not in very many places, allowing you to access some of these great films with your library card. Pete tracks his TV with Television Time. But there’s also TV Time. So, you know… competition. Finally, go watch Rejected, per Steve… it’ll take you nine minutes.


Blinded by Science!

Steve’s List

  1. Real GeniusAll brain, no penis
  2. The Manhattan ProjectTrailer
  3. My Science ProjectBrian the Drummer

Pete’s List

  1. Flatliners
  2. Firestarter
  3. Altered States