2019-05-18 • Saturday Matinée

We’re catching up in preparation for the big Film Board Flickchart re-ranking. Gaslight ignites a new patient zero. Spider-Gwen gets a series (comic, but still). Batwoman is here to fill the hole that Gotham has left us. HBO readies His Dark Materials and Watchmen. We rant about Change.org. Plus a list of movies with bells tolling, which we walked right into like one of Joker’s goons.

Let’s Do Trailers


Bells toll!

Steve’s List

  1. Batman
  2. Quantum of Solace
  3. The House with a Clock in its Walls

Andy’s List

  1. Vertigo
  2. The Omen
  3. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Pete’s List

  1. Batman, Vertigo (BOTH STOLEN)… so Hot Fuzz. Unless there’s no bell in it, in which case, Inferno. Whatever.
  2. Spider-Man 3
  3. Moonrise Kingdom