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2020-05-02 • Saturday Matinée

The Quibi Experiment continues. Trolls World Tour is doing really well… unrelated we’re sure: AMC won’t play Universal movies anymore. Change-up at the Oscars… for a little while, at least. Plus, trailers and a set of movies celebrating cinematic floods!

Cinematic Floods!

Steve’s List

  1. The Mosquito Coast
  2. Noah
  3. O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Pete’s List

  1. Hereafter
  2. Tidal Wave
  3. 2012

Andy’s List

  1. The Wave
  2. The Impossible
  3. Crawl
  • (00:00) – 2019-01-05 – Saturday Matinée
  • (01:33) – The Quibi Report
  • (07:50) – Let’s go to the Oscars
  • (12:14) – The Value of the Theater Experience, Trolls, and Universal
  • (28:11) – Let’s Do Trailers
  • (40:14) – Flickchart Re-Ranking Lightening Round!
  • (42:40) – The List: Cinematic Floods
  • (57:11) – Coming Attractions

A fine Saturday Morning to you.

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