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2020-08-01 • Saturday Matinée

What happened to Will Smith? Universal, AMC Agree to 17 day theatrical window. Dave Franco set to star as Vanilla Ice in new biopic. Quibi is going to win an Emmy! Plus a list of movies celebrating non-numbered sequels and our ever-persistent IMDB Game: FRIDAY EDITION!

Non-numbered sequels!

Ray’s List

  1. Rambo
  2. The Bride of Frankenstein
  3. Sanjuro

Ocean’s List

  1. Split
  2. Desperado
  3. For Your Eyes Only

Pete’s List

  1. Halloween (2018)
  2. Shrek Forever After
  3. Wes Craven’s New Nightmare
  • 00:00 – Welcome to the Saturday Matinee!
  • 07:17 – What happened to Will Smith?
  • 15:44 – In the News: Universal Teams Up with AMC Theaters
  • 24:10 – Ice Ice Maybe…
  • 27:38 – Quibi Wins!
  • 29:15 – Let’s Do Trailers!
  • 40:37 – The IMDb Game: Friday Edition
  • 46:35 – THE LIST: Non-Numbered Sequels

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