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2020-08-08 • Saturday Matinée

Pixar’s got a new thing with ‘Luca’. ‘Mulan’ drops to D+ next month. Wait, didn’t they say they weren’t going to make more Star Wars films? Oh, right. Netflix does Walmart. Plus, the gang recasts ‘Clue’, trailers, and a list of movies about Christmas crime!

Christmas Crime!

Tommy’s List

  1. Catch Me If You Can
  2. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  3. Die Hard

JJ’s List

  1. Bad Santa
  2. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  3. Reindeer Games

Mandy’s List

  1. While You Were Sleeping
  2. The Ref
  3. Home Alone
  • 00:00 – A Fine Saturday Do-Over
  • 01:51 – In the News: Pixar’s Upcoming ‘Luca’
  • 06:29 – In the News: Mulan Goes Straight to Streaming
  • 11:44 – In the News: Untitled ‘Star Wars’ Films Delayed
  • 13:40 – In the News: Netflix Series About Walmart
  • 16:42 – Let’s Do Trailers!
  • 30:41 – Game: Re-Casting ‘Clue’
  • 51:26 – The List: Christmas Crime
  • 01:02:17 – Coming Soon on The Next Reel…

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